Some of the Benefits to Using Our Pharmacy

  • Ability to bill most insurance companies
  • Price-Competitive Medications
  • Pharmacist who works closely with CCMHB Physicians
  • Pharmacist consultations, medication management and education drug information leaflets provided with each new prescription
  • Latest computer technology


Your medications will be placed in plain white bags for your privacy. A private consultation area is available too discuss your medications with the pharmacist.

Focus on Safety

Because your safety is our priority, our pharmacist regularly consults physician notes and lab reports using our electronic medical records system so they ave a better understanding behind the reasoning for your prescription. This also gives our pharmacist the necessary information to make sure your prescription does not interact adversely with other medications you may be taking.

Prescription Transfers

If you do not currently use CCMHB pharmacy and would like to, just call and we’ll take care of the transfer details for you.

Managing Your Costs

To help you save money, our pharmacist and physicians are constantly searching to provide you with the lowest cost prescription drug alternatives

Access to Experts

If you have questions or concerns about your prescription, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our pharmacist is always available to take your call during business hours.