S.A.F.E. (Stop Abuse for Everyone) is a state-certified 16-week (32 hour) psycho-educational program designed to help both men and women stop their abusive behavior. S.A.F.E. emphasizes the importance of learning more constructive strategies for resolving conflict and managing anger.

What is the Cost? The total cost of the 16-week program is $435.00. This includes and initial assessment fee of $20.00, a workbook costing$15.00 and weekly group tuition of $25.00. Community service may be arranged in lieu of weekly payment if a group member is determined to be indigent.

Am I an Abusive Person?

Am I some who…

  • Attempts to manipulate and control others?
  • has a history of arguing or exploding onto other?
  • Blames others for my problems?
  • uses threats or intidation to get my way?
  • finds it difficult to resolve conflict through abusive behavior?
  • has a history of failed relationships?
  • uses put-downs or insults to demean others?
  • has to “win” every argument?
  • is jealous and possessive of partner?
  • attempts to get even when I’m hurt or angry?

S.A.F.E. Info

  • All S.A.F.E. group facilitators are trained and certified according to Alabama state standards and are skilled mental health professionals.
  • Classes are provided for both men and women at convenient evening hours. Group members are accepted on a volunteer or court-ordered basis.

Topics Covered in S.A.F.E.

  1. The five types of abuse
  2. Warning signs of abuse and violence
  3. Characteristics of the abusive person
  4. Characteristcs of healthy and abusive relationships
  5. Identification of power and control tactics
  6. Control Tactics
  7. Managing anger and stopping abuse
  8. Building healthy, stable relationships