To Those In Need, By Those Who Care

Highland Health Systems in committed to providing quality services to build a stronger community for the individuals and families in Calhoun and Cleburne Counties.

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Working Toward a Healthy Future for Communities in Calhoun & Cleburne Counties

Highland Health Systems in a comprehensive community mental health center with professionally trained staff providing the highest quality direct care with case management, adult day services, sheltered workshops, residential, and personal care.


HHS provides quality support to those with developmental disabilities, mental illness, substance abuse, and other services with respect for dignity and privacy to promote recovery.

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Connecting you with the help you need, we provide various resources including forms, meeting schedules, contacts, and more.

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Your donation helps us ensure that everyone in our community has access to care so they can lead healthier, happier lives.

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The Board of Directors of Highland Health Systems in response to needs presented by clients, families, advisory boards, prospective users, other agencies and governmental institutions, have committed HHS, its staff and resources, to the mission of providing a comprehensive, effective continuum of care. This continuum of care would address the needs of individuals, groups, families and prospective users and actively seek to assist in improving their lives.


Highland Health Systems will strive to be a model community service system known for its integrity, professionalism, and uncompromising commitment to our clients. To be the service provider of choice in the delivery of valued community services and adapting to the changing needs of our clients through input from community, consumers and prospective service users.


Highland Health Systems is committed to the consumers we serve during the harsh economic times we are facing.

Highland Health Systems has built a team of professionals dedicated to the welfare and treatment of the consumers we serve. We are committed to providing quality services to build a stronger community for the individuals and families in our area.

“I look forward to the many opportunities that are before us to serve those in need of mental health services. The information contained in our website will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the organization. As always, the Board and staff express appreciation for your interest and support of our mental health programs.”

— Mickey S. Turner


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June 24, 2024

Therapists help clients ride emotional waves, with innovative mental health trend: ‘We’re swapping the couch for the surfboard’

More than a hippie wellness novelty or New Age fad, surf therapy is being embraced by psychologists and government agencies alike as a way to increase access to mental health care while delivering evidence-based, lasting results.

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June 06, 2024

Changing the Course on Suicide: The Launch of a New National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

In the United States, someone dies by suicide every 11 minutes; the rates of suicidal behaviors have risen over the past decade; and disparities in suicide rates among certain populations are growing (PDF | 13.4 MB).

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May 10, 2024

Without Maternal Mental Health and Substance Use Interventions, We Can’t Address the Maternal Mortality Crisis

May 1, 2024, marked World Maternal Mental Health Day, and on May 12, 2024, we will celebrate Mother’s Day. While maternal health is a recognized public health crisis in the United States, mental health, substance misuse, and substance use disorder (SUD) are often overlooked as part of the crisis.

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May 08, 2024

Elmo wants to ‘check in’ again, this time as part of a new ‘Sesame Street’ mental health initiative

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Sesame Street is creating mental health resources for children, all led by Elmo and The Count.

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